It’s been a while!


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Hi friends,

I’ve been absent from DH for a while, so I am writing to give a quick update on some changes.

Firstly, let me say thank you for so faithfully reading my words, and for letting me know when they have moved you. This blog has been a true expression of my heart and for that reason it is dear to me, as are you who read it.

I have been busy of late launching my business, Grow to Succeed. This is another expression of my heart, in a different form. It gives me much joy to say that I am beginning to see the seemingly mismatched pieces of my life coming together into one congruent expression of my true purpose. I can feel the flow, and it is very cool!

This new season follows lots of years spent battling away at the foundations, the master plan nothing but a mysterious blur. Life is like that: we so often can only see in part until, after much diligence, ‘suddenly’ comes.

I say that to remind you to keep walking, to keep investing, to keep doing something with what is in your hands now. Eventually, it will begin to take shape.

For me, there will always be dreams to conquer and lessons to learn, and I am excited about the adventure.

I will maintain Dusty Highways but will not be writing here regularly for now. I am blogging on my business site though, about personal and business development topics. I’d love you to check it out. At the moment, you can get a copy of my free electronic workbook,How to Live Your True Purpose‘. And there will be more to come! To get it, you just need to register where it says, ‘Get Your Free Gift Here‘.

You can also take a look at look at the updated, ‘My Work‘ page.

Many blessings to you, and I look forward to being back soon!